Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 6 of The Detox Drop

Yesterday was Day 6 of The Detox Drop. In the past I've usually dropped 6 pounds, and at times it has been 3 pounds, but this time the final number is 10.5 pounds in 6 days. I was truly holding some water and I'll never go that long without doing a cleanse.

Throughout The Detox Drop I worked out daily this time around. I followed the plan perfectly and yesterday I ran up a mountain. What a great workout. I wanted to stop many times, but I knew it wasn't my body that couldn't go on, but my mind that was wanting to throw in the towel. I didn't however, and like most things in life - if you can get it in your mind that you're going to succeed - you will succeed! One of my favorite sayings is: "If you can get it in your mind - it will work out in time."

All in all however, The Detox Drop is not your typical cleanse. You don't feel weak. You don't get hungry. It is a great way to begin your fitness and get a fresh start on feeling and looking better from the inside out.

If you asked me what I like most about The Detox Drop it would be the smoothies. Matter of fact, even though I am no longer cleansing and detoxifying my colon and liver, I am still beginning my day with one of the smoothies.

Okay, enough rambling on my part. Thanks for checking in on the BLOG. It's been fun sharing my experience with you and we will start a new BLOG on a different topic following next week's seminar Webcast.


Jeanette said...

I'm not sure if it's to late to comment on this or not. However, I just received my Detox Drop and I'm looking forward to it, but I'm unsure and scared. I've never done this before, so with that said the fear of the unknown is there. I'm going to be a little honest here, I'm concered about what will come out. I hear stories and after hearing them I'm even more convinced that this needs to be done, but the fear is even stronger. I believe our bodies are exposed to to many toxins in this day and age of processed food every where we look. So, I'm going to go for it tomorrow 6 Sept and when I'm done I will blog again and let you know how it went. My goal with this is to feel great, have more energy and re-energise my weight loss. I have lost 12 lbs and I'm stuck. This could be the boost that I need. "Fear and Faith Can't Live In The Same House"

Robert Ferguson, M.S., C.N. said...

It is never too late to comment on this BLOG. Thanks for becoming part of our Detox Drop family. LOL

In short, The Detox Drop is a great way to provide a boost in weight loss and energy. What many people aren't aware of is that The Detox Drop isn't one of those highly restrictive and depriving cleanses where they leave you with low energy and hungry.

You won't get hungry and you're going to experience a rise in energy. So, don't listen to what are talking about when it comes to a cleanse. Trust me, they aren't talking about The Detox Drop. They're most likely referring to one of those unhealthy cleanses like The Master Cleanse.

The Detox Drop is going to deliever and I look forward to hearing how well it works for you. Make sure you check your weight and log it somewhere. Then, check your weight the morning of the fourth day and then the seventh day when the clease is complete.

If you have any specific questions about the cleanse you can email Krista Ferguson at or Lori Baker at

Cap said...

Hi Jeanette.

i have done the detox and I have become a detox junkie. As Robert has said before this isn't one of those crazy freaky cleanses where you are deprived and restricted of food. The smoothies are very great tasting and after doing the cleanse you feel so good that you did it because you are doing only your body good. Don't take our word for it, do it yourself and come back and tell us about it.


Jeanette said...

I didn't do the 6 day plan, but I wish I had and I am going to. The first day I didn't feel great, I had a headach, dizzy, and tired. I took a nap and felt better. Then the following day I felt GREAT! My husband did this with me and day one he felt good, day two he felt tired and day 3 he felt GREAT. WE ARE HOOKED!!!

Oh, and on day one I had to over come some phychological junk in my head. Meaning that I had to over come the fact that I don't have to chew my food, and it's ok. And let me tell you the smoothies are yummy. Our favorite is the pomegranate blend.

Thank you for this great and healthy Detox Drop.

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